In addition to our own brands, we also offer other services in the areas of production and styling.

We design specific collections and items for a range of high-profile players in the national and international fashion world.

We propose items à la carte, based on the client's requirements and possibilities. We then personally monitor the production process from start to finish, in order to be able to oversee the manufacturing conditions and to guarantee the best quality for the customer. Our 50 years of experience in the sector has allowed us to develop a large stable of highly skilled craftsmen which forms the basis for our warm relations with the most reliable factories and suppliers.

Our production platform can help interested clients with creation, patterns, prototype samples, sales samples and finally, sales-ready products. We also take care of the sourcing of fabrics in collaboration with agencies in Shanghai (CH) and Lithuania (LTU). For the manufacturing, we work with leading factories in Turkey, Portugal, China and India.

We are open to new opportunities in the wholesale and boutique world, for our manufacturing services as well as for our existing range of brands. We offer blouses, T-shirts and tops, sweaters, skirts, dresses and coats, chiefly in woven fabrics and jersey.